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How do I launch a campaign?

Launching a campaign is simple, just send us a message in our contact form about your campaign and one of our campaign experts will get with you to get your campaign set up.

How do I make money for my cause?

Making money for your cause is all about gathering support for your cause. Share links to your campaign on social media and rally the troops. The more shirts you sell the more money you make!

What types of causes can fund raise with Ink the Cause?

Any good one. When we launched Ink the Cause, we knew there would be campaigns that people would like to fundraise for that we couldn’t foresee so we set our only stipulation that the cause is a good one.

I ordered a shirt and it’s the wrong size, can I exchange it?

All apparel for campaigns are created after the campaign closes to raide maximum funds for the cause. Because of this, we cannot take returns or exchanges. We will always put size charts on the items to help minimize any needs to exchange a shirt.

I ordered a shirt for a campaign, when will I receive it?

Every campaign is ran for a specified amount of time and the apparel is all created to what is ordered to maximize fundraising and bulk print the items. You will receive a tracking number and shipment confirmation when your order has shipped. Depending on the length of your campaign your apparel should be ready for shipping within 3-4 weeks.

Who runs Ink the Cause?

Ink the Cause is Powered by ScreenBroidery