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EOW Officer Breann Leath

Save The Fieldhouse

The Back the Blue Campaign raised over $35,000 for the Indy Public Safety Foundation that went directly back to IMPD for vital equipment and ongoing training. We can't tell you how impactful those funds are for the 2,000 women and men of IMPD.  Thank you!

Dane Nutty, Executive Director IPSF

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Ink The Cause is an incredible organization that helped lift the burden of unexpected medical costs off my family's shoulders in a major way. The team put together an amazing campaign shirt that truly represented who I was and where I was at the time. I'm incredibly grateful that they came to my family's aid, and equally grateful for all the people that purchased the awesomely designed shirt.

Aaron, Groovin' Bones Campaign

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Better The World!

We were so grateful for the chance to raise funds and show support for Paul using the Ink the Cause online store.  Shipping was quick, the shirts were affordable, and the first round was so successful that we did another.  The proceeds went straight to Paul and his family, and now there are hundreds of people across the US in bright orange shirts (his favorite color) promoting our love for a little guy during the fight of his life.

Katrina, #PaulverizeCancer Campaign

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