Ink The Cause was founded in 2014 out of a passion to help my friend who had recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer.

I didn’t want to send just a few dollars or send a cooked meal (probably would have been a frozen dinner). I wanted to show my support by growing some momentum behind the cause and create a way for our friends and supporters to rally around her. With over 100 shirt orders across the country, we wrote a donation for over $1,000. 

I knew this model could work to help us fulfill our mission at ScreenBroidery to “Better Our Customers, Better Our Company, & Better the World.” Tapping into ScreenBroidery’s existing platforms and resources allowing us to offer fundraising on a much bigger scale, raising some major money for people’s causes.

Shortly after our pilot campaign, we snowballed the Ink The Cause momentum into another campaign that raised over $35,000 for a fallen police officer. Since then, the campaigns keep rolling in and we keep fundraising in an attempt to better the world. Some campaigns raise hundreds while others have pushed over $100,000. We know every dollar raised makes a huge difference and every cent we can help raise feels just as good as the first dollar.

Ink The Cause has raised a lot of money for a wide variety of campaigns. We hope we can help you launch a campaign or support a cause, helping us complete our everlasting mission to Better the World.

Gabe Peters, Founder